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My First Few Weeks

13 Jun 2017 0 Comments

When I started at SEAL Properties on the 27th March this year it’s fair to say I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I felt so overwhelmed with how much and how fast I was having to learn new things because unfortunately for me, I started at a very busy time. Everything seemed to be non stop, I had to learn who people were, how the system worked, the names and areas and properties, where files were kept and what procedures I had to follow. I had well and truly been thrown in at the deep end, but in a lot of ways I do think I actually benefited from this. Obviously this resulted in me asking non stop questions to Emma like “How do you do this?” “Erm.. can you show me again please?” “Where does this go?” but thankfully she never got sick of me (or if she did she hid it well) and continuously showed me how to do things and answered my never ending list of questions. Rachel also started the same time as me and although she was more knowledgeable than me due to past experiences and jobs, she still also had to adapt and learn new things. I did seek a little comfort from not being the only new starter. It meant we could learn from each other too as we were focused on different aspects of the business in the beginning so when it came to doing what each other had been doing it meant we could teach each other and take some stress away from Emma. It all paid off in the end though as I am now 2 months in to my apprenticeship and I feel like I know a lot more than when I started. I know how to work the internal system for the website pretty well and I’m getting there with filing; although when I first started it was my very worst nightmare! I’m slowly learning which tenant lives where and which landlord owns which property too. Personally though I think my biggest achievement is answering the phones a lot more confidently compared to when I first started and I totally avoided answering it and when I did I was very nervous. Most people who ring only ever want Emma anyway so it’s usually just a quick call transfer and then it’s done from my end.

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